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Magazine Subscriptions For Women

Women in the 21st century have a wide array of different interests. In addition, the typical woman in this day and age maintains a very full schedule. Women tend to be stretched very thin between responsibilities at work and responsibilities at home and commitments in countless other places. Therefore, ...
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Magazine Subscriptions For Senior Citizens

One way that many senior citizens enjoy passing time is through reading. They enjoy reading books and enjoy reading different magazines. Perhaps you are such a person, a senior citizen who enjoys passing the time by reading. If that is the case, you may be interested in learning more about what is available ...
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Magazines For The Traveler

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving (Lao Tzu, Chinese traveler). Now whether you want to do a spot of armchair traveling, or plan a family trip, or even catch up on your knowledge of world geography and culture, then you must be a subscriber to at least one travel magazine. ...
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Forbes Magazine, The History

It’s interesting to look back at the origins of Cosmopolitan Magazine, seeing their first subscription numbers (in the 25,000) range, into what it has become now.  Its almost amazing how the content has evolved over the years–from a one-time family magazine back in the late 19th century–to ...
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The Benefits Of Reading Reviews And Magazines

Magazines and reviews can prove to be the best source of information related to bikes and other accessories related to mountain biking. These reviews can be a central point to collect information, and expressing your grievances. So referring to these magazines and reviews can defiantly prove to be the ...
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