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50′s Clothing – Can You Still Find Pieces From This Fashion Era?

This era had some of the best fun fashion style. Style that has made a big come back…..if it ever left.

50′s clothing consists of pedal pushers, what we might call capri pants today. It consisted of women wearing figure flattering dresses that were taken in at the waist and full at the bottom. Think of the dresses Lucy Ricardo wore.  I Love Lucy is a perfect show to learn about the 50′s.

50′s clothing for the men consisted of jeans that were rolled up at the bottom along with white T-Shirts. Letterman’s jackets were worn by the younger generation, while older men wore suits more often then men today do.

You can think of Marilyn Monroe and her beautiful figure flattering skin tight dresses. This look represented the glamorous side of the 50′s. At award shows you’d often see movie stars dressed in these type of elegant dresses.

On the other hand, a lot of people today think of 50′s clothing as costumes. Whether it’s Halloween or themed parties, 50′s clothing is very much sought after. Some people want to be a 50′s cheerleader, Greaser (think of the movie Grease) and in general just the look of the younger 50′s generation with the pony tails for the girls and greased back hair for the boys.

It is not as hard as it may seem to find 50′s clothing today. Thrift Stores are a wonderful start. People are constantly donating clothing, and sometimes that includes their parents’ or grandparents belongings’. 50′s clothing pops up many times in these stores because the elderly generation were around in the 50′s.

Vintage clothing stores are fantastic! They may be a bit more expensive than your thrift store; however, since they specialize in vintage clothing you will have a much better chance at finding what you’re looking for versus taking a chance at a thrift store.

And last but certainly not least is eBay. It’s not new that sellers thrive on selling items like 50′s clothing on eBay. Some people specialize in this category alone and therefore there is always a supply available. You can search using keywords like “50′s clothing” or even more specific like “50′s jeans” etc.

The 50′s era was innocent, fun and refreshing. Whether you’re dressing up for a party or including some pieces in your current wardrobe, the nostalgia the 50′s brings is certainly one that is uplifting.

It’s no wonder people feel so good when they think of the 50′s.

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