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Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Trends

Fashion trends are, for the most part, showcased to the world on the runway. However, trend forecasting agencies are responsible for much of the fabric choices, colors, and styles that find their way onto those same runways. The French trend agency, NellyRodi’s four scenarios for the spring and summer of 2010 have been released and can be a huge help when deciding which style and color handbags to purchase and pull together to be current, trendy, and stylish for the coming year.

The current economy has a large influence on fashion, with trends reflecting “idealistic thoughts about the future.” Colors for the first scenario, entitled “light tech”, include acidic tints of green, turquoise, orange, yellow, pink, and veiled gray. Fabric choices for this set were mostly synthetic, such as taffeta, jacquard, coated canvas, and thick linen. “Clean, precise graphics”, miniature designs, and textures make this trend perfect for showcasing your handbag. The synthetic fabric options make this trend even sweeter since cleaning your bag will be a breeze. Messenger bags are particularly suited for graphics and designs. Colored bags can make a bland outfit really pop, so investing in some of the sweet and sour colors of this season is an easy way to liven up your wardrobe.

“Ode to nature” was the next scenario trend forecasters put together. Light, gauzy fabrics both layered and alone set a romantic atmosphere. Tulle, crepe, voile, muslin, and silk shantung all flow beautifully with the soft, faded colors of pastels. Taupe and mauve bring an unexpected pop of intensity to the powdery palette. Handbags in mauve and beige will pair perfectly with the talcum shades of spring. The muted colors of nature give way to the warm, vibrant colors of “southern folk” in the next trend scenario. Beige is again featured, along with ochre, clay, reds, plums, and cactus green. Inspired by South American landscapes, cottons, lace, and macramé decorated with ornaments, appliqués, and embroidery echo the colorful chaos of South American culture. Stripes and boldly patterned handbags are a trendy choice for this scenario. Larger bags such as totes and messenger bags will make especially bright statements. Fading slightly from their sun-kissed opulence, muffled tones of beige, khaki, and blue are accented by yellow, purple, sky blue, and red in the final scenario, “popular appeal”. A 70s vintage look full of faded cotton, denim, and fleece offer a more relaxed fashion. For a “femme fatale look…chiffons, crepes, and satins” are presented. I can just see the sky blue satin clutch paired with a faded blue. Stunning. This coming year promises to be full of fun and fabulous fashions that are likely easily pulled together with items already in your closet. Adding trendy handbags will stretch your wardrobe and highlight how current and fashionable you are.

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